“Water and The X-Factor” miniature sculpture by Bobbi Mastrangelo

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

WATER and METER intersected at right angles with the T in the middle. Why water is at the crossroads of our lives I thought as I gazed at the water valve cover.  And that was my working theme as I began my fourth miniature sculpture.

But after watching Simon Cowell’s music competition, The X-Factor, ideas began spinning about Water and the X-Factor for my sculpture. All living things owe their Existence to water.

Front and Top View

 This little sculpture is only 6.5″ high including the cover.  Planning and fore-thought are needed for the components to resonate and to fit under the cover. Below are the other three views seen when rotating the sculpture. 

This sculpture has a clear glass cover on all sides except the back, which has an inside mirror reflecting  children in the water.

WATER & The X-FACTOR (back of cover)

The foam core backing piece is frosted with wood filler which was dampened so I could carve the words:

EXISTENCE:  Animals, Plants


EXALTATION:  Rivers, Oceans

EXIGENCY: Save, Protect (Our Waters)

 WATER and EXISTENCE, raised letters in the shape of an X are sandwiched between frosted plexiglass.

What are your thoughts on Water and the X-Factor? You may even have some “X” words to contribute.  Please share your comments.

Mastrangelo’s “Reuse” Sculpture on Exhibit in St. James, NY: Nov. 17 – Dec.21, 2012

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Smithtown Township Arts Council

Members’ Fine Art Exhibition

Nov. 17 – Dec 21, 2012

Opening reception: Nov. 17th  2 – 4 PM

Mills Pond House Gallery

660 Route 25A, St. James, NY 11780
Phone: 631.862.6575

Office Hours: 10am-5pm Monday – Friday, 12pm – 4pm

Saturday and Sunday* When gallery is open

 Smithtown Township Arts Council – Home


Miniature Rotating Sculpture: 6″ x 6.5″ square

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Artist Statement

“REUSE” or Reclaimed Water treats and reuses household wastewater.  Our Solivita Community in Poinciana FL uses reclaimed water to irrigate the landscape. 

The official color for reclaimed water irrigation system construction is: Pantene Color # 512 for water covers, pipes and even the warning tape. They call it purple, but it looks more like magenta to me.

“Reuse” on a pentagon form is the third in a series of my miniature rotating sculptures. Two sides of the pentagon face the mirror. The important purple pipes indicate Reclaimed Water.

The Words: REduce, REuse and REcycle are reflected backwards, inspiring contemplation about Water Conservation.


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