Bobbi Mastrangelo Featured in October Manhole Madness

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016


Michelle contacted me in September 2016, for permission to be included in her upcoming “October Manhole Madness” Blog Project. Would I say OK? Are you kidding? Her topic is a Manhole Artist’s Dream. I wondered how she would cover the topic for a total of 31 days! Well, I have been amazed and dazed by the variety and the artistry in all of her presentations.

On October 23, 2016 Michelle Ward introduced me on her blog:”Cover Girl”Bobbi Mastrangelo: covered many aspects of my art world and artistry including: art post cards, sculpture relief works and how they are created, embossed metal pieces, giclee prints and fiber art.


Here is a quote from Michelle Ward’s Blog: “Bobbi Mastrangelo is a mixed media artist like us – creating with several mediums in many sizes. Bobbi makes one-of-a-kind sculptures, with a long list of distinguished collectors, and she creates affordable prints and reliefs too. Incorporating paper casting, printmaking, sculpture, and paint – she is inventive, creative, and an environmental activist.

Her career began as an elementary school teacher, but she eventually found her way to art-making and has been at it for thirty-seven years. Bobbi’s site is very extensive and there is a lot to see. Visit her site and her blog at”

PS  Michelle Ward invites you to visit the whole month of October Manhole Madness. She and all the artists presented would welcome your comments. You just may catch the bug and be “Mad about Manhole Covers” in all forms!

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “Grate Works of Art” on Exhibit at Littlejohn Engineering Associates in Orlando

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Littlejohn Engineering Associates have Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “Grate Works of Art” on display at their Orlando Florida Office.

Littlejohn Engineering Associates was established in 1989. The Firm provides cutting edge landscape architecture, planning, environmental and engineering services from 6 locations around the country.  Littlejohn is headquartered in Nashville with offices in Chattanooga TN, Decatur AL, Tri-Cities TN and now Orlando and Ft. Walton Beach FL.

Lennie Arnold, the Florida Regional Manager saw Mastrangelo’s Art exhibited with “The Best of the Best” of Orlando Museum’s 1st Thursday Winners at the Mayor’s Gallery in Orlando City Hall. He contacted Bobbi about displaying her art at the Office of Littlejohn Engineering Associates in Orlando.   150 – 200 folks are expected to  attend their 25th Anniversary Celebration which would be a great time to see her art.

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Sculpture relief work based on drains, gas covers, grates, manhole covers and water covers appeals to engineers because of the technical subject matter, her trompe l’oeil mastery and the environmental message of protecting our precious resources. Mastrangelo, with her penchant for circles, has been creating her “Grate Works of Art” since 1979.  She is listed in the Marquis “Who’s Who in American Art” and has art in museums and prominent collections.

Here are four of Mastrangelo’s works from “The Best of the Best” on loan to Littlejohn Engineering Associates in Orlando. 

GAZ  (Antibes France)

Sculpture Relief 21″ x 16″ x 3″

WHEN  (The People Care)

Fiber Art 31″ x 13″ x 3″

Creating “WHEN”


Sculpture Relief: 34″ x 30″ x 4″

All About Stickball:


Sculpture Relief: 48″ x 31″ x 3″

Creation of City of Orlando:

Littlejohn Engineering Associates and Littlejohn Clients:
Your comments are welcome.
Congratulations on your firm’s  25th Anniversary.

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