Summer Update on Artsy Shark Artists

More updates on The  Featured Artists from the past six months, as they pursue their careers. Once again Carolyn Edlund has reached out to promote the emerging artists on her blog.

  So many styles of art and so much fun to read their news and to visit the web sites.  Here is an art work I admired by Mandar Marathe.   This scene reminds me of  rural Springville, NY where I grew up.

Mandar Marathe
  • Just returned from a visit to Cherrapunji, which is the wettest place on earth.  He posted five paintings from his trip on his website.
Check and see what your favorite artists are doing.     Summer Artist Updates/Part 2 | Artsy Shark

2 Responses to “Summer Update on Artsy Shark Artists”

  1. Mandar Marathe Says:

    Hi Bobbi,
    Thanks for your mail. Its good to know that you like my style and the subject matter. It is also fascinating to know that my painting “In the Shade” evokes memories of your childhood.

    Do keep in touch!

    Thanks and regards,
    Mandar Marathe

  2. Artist Peter Worsley Says:


    Love your work. Thanks for the link.

    Peter Worsley

    Also, view my recently updated website of figurative, representational, narrative or Story Paintings, at:

    For more immediate news about my newest paintings and my art exhibit activities, follow my Twitter messages:

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