My Mother the Artist

05-1982-anne-wexford-woods-sm.jpgI came across my daughter’s essay while preparing my files for The Archives at The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC.

It made me feel very nostalgic, realizing how important my family is to me.  And so Anne Marie’s story will initiate a series about the family’s support of my art career.

View Anne’s Essay in her own handwriting:
“My Mother the Artist”

Anne Mastrangelo at age 12

27 Responses to “My Mother the Artist”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    Dear Bobbi,

    What a lovely tribute.
    So glad you shared it.

    Your High School Friend,
    Mary Ann Haring Sanchez

  2. Gordon Newman Says:


    How nice to read of your daughter’s awakening to your talent!

    from: an old “private collector” of 14 your works from 1981-1991:

    Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Art

    Collection of: Kitty and Gordon Newman

    Acquired the Following Works: Title

    1981 Autumn Reverie
    Picasso’s World
    1982 Singing Tree
    1983 Unicorn
    Blue Woods
    1984 Sylvan Sage
    1985 Grate Images: Relief
    1987 Buckeye: Mixed Media
    1988 Manhattan Grate
    San Francisco Water
    1990 Water Service
    1991 Eureka Series:
    Eureka Water Dept.
    Eureka Flag
    Eureka Trivia
    Stay well,
    Gordon & Kitty Newman

  3. Susan Peacock Says:

    I have an-almost grown daughter (19)
    and this brought tears to my eyes – –
    Thank you,
    Susan Peacock Professional Artist

    Member: FL Chapter National
    Association of Women Artists

  4. Nancy Says:


    Thanks so much for sharing this precious, priceless
    essay from your dear daughter. A true treasure
    from a daughter’s heart to her mother’s heart!

    God’s Blessings,
    Nancy Wibben
    Professional Educator

  5. Marilyn Abt Says:

    Hi Bobbi!

    Ann Marie’s letter is just darling!!!!
    It is a truly heart felt account of her
    Mother’s talents!!!! Thanks for sending!


  6. Judy Mastrangelo Says:

    Hi Bobbi,

    Thanks so much for sending this!
    That’s great. Big Congrats!
    Judy Mastrangelo
    Professional Artist and Friend

    The Mystical Visions of Judy Mastrangelo

  7. Angelo Says:

    What a niece essay Anne wrote about you.
    Thanks for sending it…
    Your brother-in-law,
    Angelo Mastrangelo
    Adjunct Professor: Binghamton University

  8. Sheila Sharfarz Says:

    Dear Bobbi,
    Thank you for sharing your daughter’s letter
    and your beautiful artwork.

    Best regards,
    Sheila Sharfarz
    Solivita Artisan’s Guild

  9. Wilma Siegel Says:

    What a beautiful treasure to have!

    Wilma Siegel
    Professional Artist FL Chapter
    National Assoc. of Women Artists

  10. Joan Runckel Says:

    What a lovely remembrance, Bobbi! You are a lucky mom.
    Joan and Gary

  11. Betty Reinke Says:

    What a nice essay, does life get any better than
    the moment that you first read that? I think not!

    By the way I have gotten quite a number of
    wonderful comments on all the art work of yours
    that is hanging in “Aunt Betty’s Bed and Breakfast”.

    I am sending you a pic of the pollution piece I have
    of yours: “When the People Care,” because I made the
    frame myself of found wood and was hoping you approve.

    Thanks for the update!

  12. Narda Says:

    I can see why the note has such special meaning.
    It is a real treasure!
    Narda Handler

  13. May and Doug Yuen Says:

    Hi !!!!
    Thanks for sharing this with us. We still have the photo card
    that you gave us the night we met you at the first dance.
    Continue all your artistry in good health and enjoy always.
    See you around Solivita.
    May and Doug

  14. James Arenas Says:

    Hello there Bobbi,
    Thank you for keeping me abreast of all that
    happens in your art life. Seems to me like you
    are touching/inspiring so many people with your
    work, and also staying attuned in the art world.

    Well, continue to make news and history.
    Until the next time, keep a smile,

    James Arenas
    Your Window Man and Handyman
    [email protected]

  15. Kendall Bell Says:

    This letter is awesome! Bobbi.

    Kendall Bell
    Writer and Speaker
    Editor of “From the Heart,
    Stories of Love and Friendship”

  16. Idalia Says:

    How special!!!

    Your neighbor,
    Idalia Velez

  17. Kathy Wheeler Says:

    What a gift you give to us by sharing this precious history.
    It is very moving. Thank you for sharing.

    Ann is so insightful and mature for her age.
    You are fortunate to have a loving family.

  18. Audrey Madans Says:

    How ” Grate ” it is to have such a wonderful daughter.
    Thanks for sharing it with us. I look forward to your
    postcard every year. Keep those cards coming.

    Audrey Madans
    Hatpincard Lady
    National Post Card Week Pen Pal

  19. Audrey Lauer Says:

    You can be proud of your daughter to have the insight
    at the early age of 12 as it just dawned on her.

    As a Mother you can be so proud of her,
    but she is finally proud of you and realizes
    how talented you are also.

    How lucky she is to have you as her Dear Mom.
    I wonder what she would write today about you and your work?

  20. Cheryl Says:

    Hi Bobbi,

    Isn’t wonderful how you are able to
    touch so many people’s lives.

    Thank you for being in mine.

    Your Web Master,
    Cheryl Wilson

  21. Yuen Tang Says:

    Hi Bobbi,

    That was a great remembrance! I hope you and Al
    are doing well. I have been in Dublin, Ireland for
    the last 5 months. It’s great here but I do miss home.
    Thank you for bringing a little bit of home to me
    when I am so far away.

    Yuen Tang,
    Anne’s College Roomate ’88-92

  22. Mary Ann Turner Says:

    Dear Bobbi,
    From one mom to another. . .
    We can’t put a price on words of love from our children.
    They have an even deeper resonance when reread years later.

    What a beautiful tribute from your beautiful daughter!

    Mary Ann Turner
    One of your former students from..
    When you taught Third Grade

  23. Ellen Gordon Says:

    Hi Bobbi

    I have enjoyed your emails and so appreciated
    the story written by your daughter.
    What a delightful person she is!

    Your Book Club Buddy
    at Solivita

  24. Don Says:


    A great article.
    A lovely letter from your daughter.

    Don Perrotti
    “Guys and Dolls” Tenor
    at Solivita

  25. Anncha Says:

    Thanks Bobbi,
    Even if you don’t hear from me
    often, I do eventually read your emails.
    This was even better waiting this long, so I
    could read comments from your friends about
    your daughter’s letter.

    Hope things continue to go well for you.

    Anncha Briggs (Arkansas)

  26. Cyndy Dunn Says:

    Hello Bobbi,

    It was such a pleasure to meet you at the gym.
    What a surprise I got when I looked at your website!
    I feel very privileged to have met such a talented lady!
    I loved the letter your daughter wrote,
    I am sure you will treasure it always.
    What a wonderful little girl!
    I am sure you must be just as proud
    of her as she is of you.

    Your work is amazing, I will be telling all my friends
    back home in the UK all about my new artist friend.
    Your work is very unusual, very effective, what an
    impact, and what a gift to be able to create from a grate.

    Thanks again Bobbi for the loan of the book on
    How to Speak Russian.

    Best Regards

    Cyndy in Solivita

  27. Sherry Wilsher Says:

    What a beautiful thing to have…
    Thanks for sharing all of your talents and passions!

    I look forward to seeing many more of your wonderful creations!

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