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Post Card Pen Pals Add to the Fun

Sunday, May 16th, 2010
"I've Got It!" cartoon by Renee Johnson

“I’ve Got It!” cartoon by Renee Johnson

This cartoon created by Renee E. Johnson of Minneapolis Minnesota arrived with her interactive post card for National Post Card Week.  The smiling cartoon gal is holding a water valve cover celebrating NPCW which is the first full week in May.

Since 1991, I have participated in NPCW.  The post cards are from all over the United States, with a few from Great Britain. If you are an artist, photographer or a writer, post cards are a quick way to communicate. The message can be brief, but unlike e-mail, the recipient has a momento to keep.

Many deltiologists (post card collectors) have a theme for the cards they produce.  Some of the themes I have collected are patriotism, cats, dogs, birds,  pigs, farms, stamps, fantasy art, old hat pins and Route 66.  The history of National Post Card Week is printed on a web site hosted by Demaris Swint  Scroll down to see the assortment of cards  produced for 2010.

If you wish to join the fun and produce your own post card for NPCW, contact Demaris Swint for more information.

You can view all my post card issues at:

You may purchase signed post cards from my “Grate Works Collection”  at Walt’s web site:

As we Deltiologists say: “HAPPY COLLECTING!”


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