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Mastrangelo’s Very First TV Interview

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Inside Newsday by Karen Hasby  May 1983

Newsday is the leading news source of the borough of Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties of Long Island New York. The  thought of an interview at their Big Office in Melville was intimidating. Paula Shengold, the sponsor of  my very first art exhibit at  Gallery 333, gave me some terrific advice. “Enjoy this experience. Have fun!”

Karen Hasby did the pre-interview while applying her make-up. Her casual approach put me at ease.  It was actually thrilling to discuss my art and have it displayed on TV. Some of the early lithographs and collage works are not even on my web site gallery. “The Sylvan Sage” woodcut from my Classic Period can be viewed on the web interview: Celestopea Times .com

Karen Hasby Interviewing Bobbi which can now be viewed on You Tube.

Bobbi Mastrangelo Beginnings 

▶ Bobbi Mastrangelo Grateworks Beginnings – YouTube

She was fascinated with my move from classical subjects to manhole covers and grates. Ms.Hasby’s off camera comment: “You look more like a PTA President than an artist,” caused me to create a wardrobe of “Manhole Cover Fashions” for special art events. Friends and relatives congratulated me on the TV interview. But the response from our twelve-year daughter, “My Mother the Artist” was the most heart-warming of all.

Here is the Related  Blog Story and Photo of our daughter, Anne Marie when she was twelve.

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s art highlighted in “How to Present Your Art with Impact”

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Carolyn Edlund  included a bit about my art in her article “How to Present Your Art with Impact.” She gives  fantastic advice to help advance an art career.  There are many practical suggestions for portfolio presentations and marketing  art.

Brooklyn on Canvas

 If you have a great presentation on your website, Carolyn Edlund would appreciate your comments and  your website link at

I would like to share the advice of the mentors who influenced my development:

In the 1980’s Master Printer, Dan Welden advised me to get a style or a theme.
He also suggested that his students send photos of themselves and their art news to local papers.

Manhattan on Canvas #1

Professor Lawrence Alloway, author of American Pop Art, took the time to view samples of my work and pointed out that circles were a common denominator which prompted my theme of  circular manhole covers.

Cheryl Wilson is the creative designer of my web site: “Tell us the story behind your art works and Keep your news current!” are her mottos.

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