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Well folks, I am feeling especially ARTSY and also HONORED to be featured this week on Artsy Shark, a site for emerging artists. Carolyn Edlund asked about my goals, current art endeavors and my inspirations. She selected seven art works from my web site to accompany the text.

Some of my goals have been met and others may seem rather lofty. I can attribute the aspirations to my parents who encouraged their six children to dream and achieve.

We're All Connected

We're All Connected

“We ‘re All Connected,” features an enhanced rubbing of the Bell System (telephone cover) collaged with pictures of people and places around the world on a  24″ x 18″ canvas.

To read the interview and see the art images, click on this link:   Featured Artist Bobbi Mastrangelo | Artsy Shark

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31 Responses to “Bobbi Mastrangelo’s interview on”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    I checked out your website and your work is totally wonderful! I would love to feature you on Artsy Shark ~ and by the way, you are the only one so far in your medium!

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Carolyn Says:


    You are featured artist on my site here is the link

    This link is permanent use it as long as you like, it goes to your page. Please publicize, I am doing so also.

    Thanks for being featured artist! I know my readers will really enjoy your work.


  3. Kelly Heck Says: Comment #1 written by Kelly Heck
    This is so amazing! Something considered ugly or dirty that we all see every day turned into something beautiful – LOVE IT!!!

  4. FOREX TRADING SYSTEMS / 3 STEPS / CNN HOW FOREX WORKS | Currency Trading Exchange Guide Says:

    […] Grate Thoughts… Blog Archive about Bobbi Mastrangelo’s art is listed in our Blog Links

  5. Carolyn Edlund Says:

    Artsy shark comment #2 written by Carolyn Edlund
    Kelly, I agree! Her work is wonderful and so different. It’s really fun to have Bobbi’s work featured.

  6. Carolyn of www. Says:


    You’ve got some publicy here – thought you might like to know!


  7. Bobbi Mastrangelo regarding Carlynne Hershberger's Blogspot Says:

    Yes, Carolyn,
    I agree. It was great to notice Carlynne’s enthusiasm for textures.
    Here is what she said on her blog:
    “I love seeing what other people do.
    The fact that I love texture is not exactly breaking news so of course when I find an artist that loves it like I do I get excited about it. When I got my newsletter from Artsy Shark this morning I just had to share. Bobbi Mastrangelo does some of the most intriguing work with handmade paper and metal. I just want to run my hands over all of these pieces. Poke around on her site and look at what she’s doing.”
    Posted by Carlynne Hershberger, CPSA at 9:48 AM

  8. Mary Ann Says:

    Hi Bobbi,
    The truth is that these manhole covers were works of art in their own right. Because we are impatient and want everything right now, future covers will be dull, nondescript and repetitive. Some of the old covers were fascinating because of their uniqueness. I am willing to bet that there are only a few that are one of a kind now days.
    Your High School Chum from Maryvale
    Mary Ann Haring Sanchez

  9. Ali Iorio Says:

    Artsyshark comment #3 written by Ali Iorio
    An inspiring idea beautifully designed

  10. Claire Young Says: comment #4 written by Claire Young
    So proud of you Sis! Congratulations! Great article, loved your comments and always love seeing your artwork

  11. Tia Says:

    Awesome interview, it gets grate(r) and grate(r)!!!!! Love the selection of art work and may all your goals come true!!!!
    With Love,

  12. Tia Says:

    Hi Bobbi,
    How cool is that,(ArtsyShark) love it, every one
    should own a Grate work to have a daily reminder of how precious our water is and how precious each one of us are.
    When I get a minute will send the AT broken piece of Grate to you. Found it on the way to the Post Office.
    Grateworks are where it’s AT!
    Studying Web design, what a lot of work. There is new software, Silverlight, by Microsoft both plug in and interactive that is incredible. What advances in technology.
    Here is a photo of the planets from NASA, thought you might like to have a look for the Grate for Mars! The colors are astounding, so is the photograph.
    Have a good night and keep up the Grate work!!!!!!
    With Love, Tia

  13. Ellen Gordon Says:

    HI Bobbi,
    Congratulations on the Artsy Shark admission.
    It is a grate article. What a nice tribute!
    Your Book Club Pal
    from “A Novel Group”

  14. Roberta Fabiano Says:

    I LOVE this piece!!!! “Port Jefferson”
    Congratulations on the article!
    Much love,

  15. Marilyn Abt Says: comment#5 written by Marilyn Abt
    This is a beautiful representation of the work that Bobbi creates. She is an inspiring artist who uses the ordinary as her subject!!

  16. Peter VanDerlofske Says: Comment #6 written by Peter VanDerlofske
    I’ve watched Bobbi develop as an artist throughout her career. It has been a joy to watch a beautiful person grow to produce beautiful art!

  17. Kelly Diaz Says:

    Hi, Bobbi! Great to see you “out & about on the blogosphere!” Stay Fabulous! xx

  18. Mimi Melnick Says:

    Congratulations, Bobbi.
    Glad you’re busy with so many worthwhile
    and interesting projects.

    Mimi Melnick, author
    “Manhole Covers”

  19. Dennis Flamenbaum Says:

    Very impressive. What does Al do??? Dennis Flamenbaum

  20. Phyllis Krilovich Says: comment#7 written by Phyllis Krilovich

    Hi Bobbi, so great to see your work and how you have not faultered from your path. I remember being on my hands and knees in Florence taking a rubbing of a water main for you. I appreciate all your endeavours and how far you’ve come since leaving N.Y.

  21. Your Brother Says:

    Dear Bobbi,
    Congratulations on being a featured artist for Artsy Shark.
    Great, Grate coverage of a great grate artist.
    Your Brother,

  22. Carolyn Says:

    I’m happy to have featured you on Artsy Shark! Your work is incredible, and you have gotten quite a lot of interest and wonderful comments!

  23. Susan Raff Says:

    Hi there Bobbi
    I just went to the Artsyshark website…
    I am so proud of your accomplishments and your story..
    here are some of my thoughts
    I loved your line
    “To have a paragraph or two about Grateworks in Art History books”..wouldn’t that be applause and recognition for all you have done!!!!
    Loved the Mars Grate from insulation…what a creative mind you have.
    I will ask my family and friends to take pictures of the water covers, and send them to me…
    and when I travel, I will take pictures for you…

    A fan
    Susan Raff, colleague from
    “The Novel Group Book Club”

  24. Arthur Terreson Says:

    Hi Bobbi,
    I am glad you are doing so well
    with what you love to do.
    Congratulations, Love and Peace,
    Arthur Terreson
    (Barbershop tenor and friend)

  25. Idalia Says:

    Felicidades!!! and well deserved.
    Idalia Velez
    I’m very proud to have a talented person as yourself as a neighbor, I pass the information on to my family all the time.

  26. Rosie Collins Says: comment #8 written by Roseline (Rosie) Collins

    Your goals have put it all in proper perspective and your new ideas for now, and in the future, provoke much continued interest.

    Artsy Shark’s selection for their website is excellent choice from your collection; onlookers will surely be fascinated by your works for originality and artistic quality.

    You do indeed produce such intriguing, quality art.

  27. Trish Hagood Says:

    Chapeau! Love the colors.

  28. Susan Raff Says:

    I just read all the comments…
    loved your brother’s the best
    susan raff

  29. Demaris Says:

    Comment #9 on
    written by Demaris
    Bobbi’s art work is the greatest.
    Thank you for featuring Bobbi.

  30. Charles Manning Says:

    Amazing article, I Love your Art work and your positive energy! I am always in awe of people who follow their Bliss! You are passionate in what you do and it shows in your words and in your work! You and your work inspire me to follow my own Bliss!
    Charles Manning,
    Photo Retouching

  31. Shayla Alder Says:

    Have you ever thought about writing an e-book or guest authoring on other sites? I have a blog centered on the same subjects you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my viewers would value your work. If you are even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

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