Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “Inside 52GA-R” included in 25th Annual All Florida Juried Exhibit Sept. 25 – Nov. 14, 2015 in Stuart Florida.

“The Arts Council of Martin County is excited to be hosting this fantastic celebration of All-Florida Art in the Court House Cultural Center.  The works have been personally selected by our juror Josh Davis to create a show that reflects the finest in Florida Art,” noted Nancy K Turrell, executive director.

“Inside 52GA-R”

“Inside 52GA-R” is a bit of a departure from the rest of  Mastrangelo’s sculpture relief pieces, because is presents a look at the underside of a manhole cover: an underground view. “Inside 52GA-R” was a prize winner at Orlando Museum of Art’s 1st Thursdays and exhibited with “The Best of The Best” at The Mayor’s Gallery at City Hall in Orlando Florida in 2014.

Bobbi is pleased to have this special piece selected for this prestigious exhibit.

2015 All Florida Juried Art Exhibit

2015 All Florida Juried Art Exhibit


Wall Grouping: Bobbi’s Art, Thalia Sizemore, Below: Mia Lindberg and Gary Gresko.

Joshua Hunter Davis, juror for the show, is an artist from South Florida whose subjects range from industrial sites to machine animal hybrids. Though Davis did not grow up in Detroit or Newark or any other major city of industry, his preference for all things industrial and mechanical was the inevitable result of growing up in the family business of water and sewer plant operation.

Mastrangelo’s Art of sewer covers and water covers relates to the Davis family business. Joshua Davis Hunter currently works as an adjunct instructor in South Florida and exhibits work throughout the area.

Art Reception:  Fri.  Sept. 25, 2015 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.,

The exhibition runs from September 25 –  November 14.

Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday – Friday,

 Saturday 11 am – 2 pm.

  Court House Cultural Center Gallery,

 80 East Ocean Boulevard

Stuart Florida 34994

For more information, please call 772-287-6676

or visit

Viewers, if you are able to see this exhibit, please add your comments to this blog.

17 Responses to “Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “Inside 52GA-R” included in 25th Annual All Florida Juried Exhibit Sept. 25 – Nov. 14, 2015 in Stuart Florida.”

  1. Ellen Gordon, Your Novel Group Book Buddy Says:

    Con”grates” or congratulations! What does ga 52 mean?
    Your Novel Group Book Buddy,
    Ellen Gordon

  2. Bobbi Mastrangelo Says:

    Dear Ellen,
    52GA-R is an embossed number stamped on the back of the foam piece. It makes it sound scientific, like the way some of the Galaxies are numbered.

  3. Barbara Buschek Says:

    Hi Bobbi,
    This is so wonderful. Congratulations!
    Love the work you do. See you soon.
    Barbara Buschek
    Solivita Artisans’ Guild

  4. Ernie Vicari Stafford Says:

    Beautiful piece. Good luck.
    Ernie Vicari Stafford
    Solivita Artisans’Guild

  5. Linda Lelli Says:

    My daughter lives fairly near Stuart in Jupiter.
    Hope I can get to the show
    Linda Lelli
    Solivita Artisans’Guild

  6. Nan Johnston Says:

    Congratulations, Bobbi

    You are looking good!

    Nan Johnston,
    Solivita Novel Group
    Book Buddy

  7. Grace Fishenfeld Says:

    Only Bobbi could produce this creative work.
    It is a pleasure to see her efforts and receive recognition for it.
    Grace Fishenfeld
    National Association of Women Artists

  8. Susan G. Hammond Says:

    Wonderful work.

    I’m sure your exhibition will be wonderful.

    Susan G. Hammond
    Executive Director, N.A.W.A.
    National Association of Women Artists

  9. Carlyn Hastreiter Says:

    Congratulations! Quite an honor.
    Carlyn Hastreiter
    Solivita Artisans’ Guild

  10. Eloise Ritt Says:

    Grate Work!

    Eloise Ritt
    Poinciana Sculptor

  11. Carolyn Carver Says:

    Kudos to you Bobbi.
    You are an awesome talented artist.
    Thank you for showing your work to me.
    My best regards to you!
    Carolyn Carver
    New Solivita Resident

  12. Sheila Sharfarz Says:

    Congratulations Bobbi!
    Your work is so beautiful and outstanding.
    All my best to you!
    Sheila Sharfarz, Solivita

  13. Sheila Anderson Says:

    You are a WONDER Bobbi…
    Congratulations on another amazing achievement.
    God bless!
    Sheila Anderson,
    Your “Novel Group” Book Buddie

  14. Matthew Hoffman Says:

    Congratulations, Bobbi,
    We are all very proud of you!
    Matthew Hoffman
    Collage Artist
    Solivita Artisans’ Guild

  15. Shirley Lloyd Says:

    Congratulations, Bobbi! You are so very talented–what a genius of an idea to look at your grate from below! Wonderful.
    Your Very Proud Cousin,
    Shirley Lloyd

  16. Dottie King Says:

    Dear Bobbi,
    I thought of you the other day. I was dusting my paintings. The small one with the mushrooms has been in my living room all these years.
    I went to The Court House today to check out your art piece.
    It is very creative, Love it!
    Take Care,
    Dottie King from Stuart Florida

  17. Dora Magana Says:

    Bobbi, We met you the 19th of November 2007 in Firenze Italy where we were all together each evening for remarkable dinners at the La Ferriera Resort where the big water wheel was. My husband Joe and I and our son Dan and his wife Tiff enjoyed conversation with you and your wonderful husband. We loved all your work and wonderful stories of where your art has taken you.

    You said to me,” I will give you my postcard, but I have to say as many of these as I give I never hear back”! I promised I would. Of course returning home I couldn’t find the card and kept waiting for it to turn up. Well, it did. I found it last night cleaning out a bookshelf in my office.

    I looked you up on your website and was overwhelmed at all your awards and accomplishments. A wonderful big Hug and Hello to you, from San Diego California. From Joe, Dora, Dan and Tiffany. We send our love. And please, how is your husband, Al?

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