Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “Florida Citrus 467-1” Makes History

Florida Citrus 467-1 deeded to Orange County Regional History Center

“Florida Citrus 467-1” deeded to Orange County Regional History Center of Orlando Florida

On May 3, 2017, my mixed media sculpture went to its new home at Orange County Regional History Center in Orlando Florida. Now “Florida Citrus 467-1” has additional numbers.  Its Official Accession Number is #2017.016.

Many of my creations have interesting stories of the challenges I encountered.  Our Florida Artists’ Registry Members were invited to exhibit at Orlando Museum of Art’s First Thursday. I took the exhibit title “Florida Grown” literally. It had to have ORANGES.  It had to relate to the growing processing production: suggesting or incorporating seeds, dirt,  sun and water. 

Styrofoam into Oranges

Do they Look Like Real Oranges?

Do they Look Like Real Oranges?






The “Sunlight” behind the Water Cover was a Fluorescent Bulb with a plug in cord. Location of an outlet dictated my sculpture’s placement at the Florida Grown Exhibit. So my little sculpture was dwarfed on a panel centered between two giant abstract canvases by the same artist.  To top it off, I don’t think there was another artist who addressed the theme of Florida Grown, except that the art works were “Grown in Florida.”  The placement of “Florida Citrus 467-1”  was So Disappointing.

"Florida Citrus 467-1" is out of place..wrong space.

“Florida Citrus 467-1” is out of place..wrong space.

My “Florida Citrus 467-1” received special attention at The Mills Pond House Members Exhibition in St. James NY. Alison Cruz displayed it on a sculpture stand so it was the focus of the room. I am still very fond of the Smithtown Township Arts Council where I showed some of  my earliest works.

In one  return shipment, the Fluorescent Bulb was smashed. The damaged corded light fixture was removed.  A battery operated LED Fixture replaced it, which is now operated by remote.  This offered a bright solution for placing the sculpture in future exhibitions.


Florida Citrus on exhibit at Orlando's History Center

Florida Citrus 467-1  on Exhibit at Orlando’s History Center with an Ideal Placement.  It was an honor to exhibit at the History Center. The staff is amazing and the museum itself is a Treasure.


Whitney Broadaway, Bobbi Mastrangelo and Pam Schwartz at The History Center

Whitney Broadaway, Bobbi Mastrangelo and Pam Schwartz at The History Center. 





Looking back, taking the title Florida Grown literally actually caused me to expand my horizons. My work was more colorful. I studied and ate Florida Grown Oranges, observed the rind and saved the stem ends and seeds for my mixed media creation. Parts of an official orange crate were used for the side panels.  I contacted Steve Monser, the Glass blower and commissioned water drops.  To Steve  Monser: “Together, You and I are making History!”

Glass “Water Drops” by Steve Monser

View the story and photos of the creation process: Grate Thoughts » Blog Archive » Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Creation of “Florida Citrus 467-1”

24 Responses to “Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “Florida Citrus 467-1” Makes History”

  1. Jennifer Myers Kirton Says:

    Love the title. It looks great. I was in a citrus show years ago.
    Love seeing your successes

    Jennifer Myers Kirton
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Who’s Who in American Art
    American Art Collector
    Kirton Gallery

  2. Phyllis Krilovich Says:

    Hi Bobbi,
    I love this piece, I wish I could have seen it when it was on display in St.James.
    I still paint and knit and crochet and I am learning Mah Joong and any else that seems interesting.
    Be well,
    Love Phyllis

  3. Judy Maastrangelo Says:

    Lovely Bobbi! Congratulations! You’re very talented.

    Hope you folks are doing well.

    Judy Mastrangelo
    Artist colleague

  4. To Judy Mastrangelo, Bobbi Mastrangelo Says:

    Dear Judy,
    Your lovely works are inspirational.
    It was because of our early Unicorn Drawings and that my sister Judie is an artist that you and I met.
    Wishing you all the best,
    Bobbi Mastrangelo

  5. Roberta Fabiano Says:

    Hi Bobbi,

    How wonderful ! Thank you so much for sending me this email about your art work. Miss you! It’s been too long!

    All the best!
    Roberta Fabiano
    (631) 246-5162 h
    (516) 443-8757 c

  6. Marv Mastrangelo Says:


    It was very interesting to learn about the details behind the making of this piece of art. What an honor to have it become part of the permanent collection at the Regional History Center in Orlando.

    Your Brother-in-law

  7. Dan Welden Says:

    Fantastic Bobbi!


    Hope all is well with you!

    Dan Welden (One of your first Instructors)

  8. Rasma Dos Says:

    Bobbi, your “Florida Citrus 467-1” is wonderful, so is the story about it. It has found the right place at the History Center. “Grate” greetings from Long Island.
    Rasma Dos
    Fellow Artist

  9. Helene S Leonardi Says:

    Dear Bobbi: I love the color and the composition of this “Florida Grown” art-work. Adding the led/battery for the light source was an excellent idea. Collaborating with the glass blower with water droplets, making your oranges look as if you would want to eat them, showed your observation was on point. I am glad you are merging your Grates with new “Great Ideas” !!!! Glad to see you looking so joyful!! Regards to Al. All our best, Helene & Bill Leonardi

  10. to Helene Leonardi, Bobbi Mastrangelo Says:

    Dear Helene Leonardi,
    We go back a long time.
    Do you remember our meeting in New Art in New York in 1984 or 1985?
    Which year was it?
    All our best to you and Bill.
    Be sure to post your art website in a reply.

  11. Fred Betschen Says:

    This is a very impressive work. Congratulations Bobbi.
    Your Brother,
    Fred Betschen

  12. Allison J. Cruz Says:

    Congratulations Bobbi! What an honor…and so well-deserved!
    Allison J. Cruz
    Executive Director
    Smithtown Township Arts Council
    Mills Pond House Gallery
    [email protected]

  13. Claire Betschen Young Says:

    Congratulations, sister!! And to think Gary and I got to see this new ‘masterpiece’, before it was submitted!!!

    It definitely is in the right place at the History Museum!!

    Your sister, Claire Young

  14. Allison J. Cruz Says:

    I do remember the piece…just loved it!
    I do remember that I displayed it on a sculpture stand so it was the focus of the room. It would have been lost on the wall as there was just so much work in that Member’s Show!
    Allison J. Cruz
    Executive Director
    Smithtown Township Arts Council
    Mills Pond House Gallery

  15. Dorothy Moloney Says:

    Hi Bobbi
    I love your Florida Citrus – beautiful – The State of Florida should use it for publicity.
    Have been thinking of you. We’re good – Bill is still carving & selling them – does quite well at all the shows they have down here. Take care & keep up with your art – it’s not only grate works, but it’s great too.
    Dorothy Former Director of CLEAN in ST James, NY Bill’s Photo

  16. Mary Ann Turner Says:

    What fun to receive your emails and learn about your latest unique creations. You inspired me as my third grade teacher many years ago. You continue to inspire me today. I love the way you live life to the full. Many blessings to you!
    Mary Ann

  17. Peggy Rozzi Says:

    Your art is Great Looking….movement…hits all 5 senses….
    Anything in Late August-September?? I would lie to view in person….if you have displays….
    Peggy Rozzi

  18. Bob Ingram Says:

    Luscious looking grate, Bobbi!

    My regards ever to you and your hubby, Al .

    My wife and I have moved to an independent and
    assisted-living community at the top of a high hill
    in Roanoke,Virginia. But we still like your grates!

    Best wishes for future successes!

    Bob and Elaine Ingram

  19. Evelyn Maldanado Says:

    You are spectacular and so is your artwork. Love and miss you with all my heart!! Big hugs and kisses for you and Al!!

    Your super server(lol)..

  20. Tia Says:

    Hi Bobbi!
    Love the oranges! The grate looks so open and lovely with light passing through. Hope all is well and keep up the grate work!!!! ❤️

  21. To Tia, Bobbi Mastrangelo Says:

    Dear Tia,
    Do you realize how many special memories we have created since 1985?
    You are such a talented seamstress and I miss our visits and your splendid designs and creations.
    Love and Blessings
    Bobbi Mastrangelo

  22. To Bobbi, Tia Says:

    Dear Bobbi,

    We Have had such “Grate” times creating, even though in different
    expressions and mediums. Love your work so, you are a creative genius!
    Will never forget the “rubbing” in NYC or Marion Bernstein with her
    “New York Underfoot”. You are a love and a light to the world!
    Keep up the Grate work Bobbi!
    Love You!
    Atelier, The Art of Fashion,

  23. Louise Levergneux Says:

    Congratulations on your piece finding a new home at the Orange County Regional History Center in Florida. Good work!

  24. Marilyn Abt Says:

    Hi Bobbi, isn’t this wonderful? Congratulations again and again!

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