Bobbi Mastrangelo Received The Women in the Arts Award from the DAR 10/5/15

The Daughters of the American Revolution is an organization with a deeply rich history while also being truly relevant in today’s world. More than 930,000 women have joined the organization since it was founded close to 125 years ago. They became members to honor their heritage as well as make a difference in their communities across the country and the world.

A while ago, Ellen Gordon, Registrar for The Lake Wales Chapter of the DAR, nominated me for the Women in the Arts Recognition Award.  This National Award is designed to recognize worthy women in the community for outstanding achievement in the non-performance arts.

The DAR Women in the Arts Award

The criteria was: innovative design work, featured exhibitions, publications and technique development.  The recipient is expected to have contributed to her artistic field in an outstanding manner beyond mastery of technique.  Ellen was especially interested in the art that called for environmental action: “When the People Care.”

The packet we sent off to the National Chairman included Ellen’s Nomination, My Artist Statement, ten large photos of art works, Letters of Recommendation from Artsy Shark Founder  and WUCF TV Video Content Producer.

Ellen Gordon, Bobbi Mastrangelo and Earlene Head

Ellen Gordon, Bobbi Mastrangelo and Earlene Head

On October 5, 2015, at The Lake Wales Chapter Meeting, I was presented with the Award. My presentation included two videos of TV Interviews about my “Manhole Art.”

News 12 Interview in Port Jefferson NY: 1998

and The WUCF TV Artisode # 108 in 2013:

The audience chuckled when they heard the name of the grass roots environmental Adopt-A-Spot Group I founded: CLEAN (Committee for Litter Elimination And Neatness). 

They laughed out loud when they discovered that I was on the Moscow Website entitled: “Sewers of the World Unite!” The DAR Audience was very receptive and interactive.

I am very Honored to be a recipient of a National Art Award from The DAR, an organization which promotes historic preservation, education and patriotism.


17 Responses to “Bobbi Mastrangelo Received The Women in the Arts Award from the DAR 10/5/15”

  1. Earlene Head Says:

    Dear Bobbi,
    Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.
    You really do beautiful art work.
    Congratulations on winning the National DAR American Heritage Women in the Arts Award for your use of the Environment in your Art. Your work is Beautiful!
    Earlene Head, Regent
    Lake Wales Chapter of NS DAR

  2. Annette Pedi Says:

    CONGRADULATIONS BOBBI, this is quite an honor, I’m proud for all women and for knowing you
    Best Wishes,
    Annette Pedi
    Solivita Artisans Guild

  3. Eloise Ritt Says:

    Congratulations Bobbi.

    What a wonderful award.
    You are certainly a very talented and dedicated artist.

    Eloise Ritt
    Kissimmee Sculptor

  4. Narda Handler Says:

    Congrats on your award !! Very well deserved.
    Keep up the great work !!!!
    (At least for a few more decades !)

    Tony and Narda Handler

  5. Kathy Stutzman Says:

    So excited for you!
    You richly deserve it and you are an inspiration to all of us!
    Kathy Stutzman,
    Solivita Artisans’ Guild

  6. Marilyn Abt Says:

    Congrats,Bobbi! You certainly deserve this award and many other awards like it! Your talents and great imagination have kept your art in the public eye. “When the People Care” is a favorite of mine. I see it hanging in our Port JeffersonLibrary!

  7. Your brother-in-law Marv Mastrangelo Says:


    Congratulations on yet another award that is very deserving. You’ve really come a long way with your art and manhole cover theme. You’ve worked so hard over the years on this labor of love and it is being recognized by many.

    Pat and Marv

  8. Peg Rozzi-Micciche. Says:

    Hi Bobbi…Hope all is well…Florida has a huge grant program for women artists over 55….I read about it a while ago.
    Peg Rozzi-Micciche

  9. Your Brother-in-law, Angelo Mastrangelo Says:

    Bobbi…Wow Women In The Arts Award! Congratulations! I finally know a “Recgonized’ Artist and Person.
    All the best…
    Author of Entrepreneurial Leadership

  10. Judie Betschen Pufpaff Says:

    Congratulations, BOBBI!!!!!
    So Happy for YOU..
    Your sister,

  11. Claire Betschen Young Says:

    Congratulations Bobbi, on receiving an award from DAR! What an honor!! You never cease to amaze me!
    Your sister,

  12. Freda Cronin Says:

    Dear Bobbi,
    Saw your lovely picture in the Solivita Reflections.
    Congratulations on your DAR Award.
    Here in Solivita we are so close and yet so far.
    Maybe we will get to see each other soon.
    With Affection
    Freda Cronin

  13. Keri Michaud Says:

    Kudos on all your well deserved recognition.
    Keri and Roger Michaud
    Solivita “Guys and Dolls” Chorus

  14. Alice Vogel Says:

    Congratulations, Bobbi on all your wonderful accomplishments.
    Walt and Alice Vogel
    Long Island NY

  15. Nunzio Cazzetta Says:

    Kudos to you Bobbi on your DAR Award-well deserved.
    Rose and Nunzio Cazzetta

  16. Kathy Glascott Says:

    I’m so happy for your many honors and
    achievements in The Art World.
    Kathy Glascott, Solivita Author

  17. Judy Hablewitz Says:

    First comes a Congratulation for Your Success in Your Love of Art. Your drive and passion for your art has given us all such beauty to enjoy. Thank you for your drive and hard work,
    Judy Hablewitz
    Chorus Member of
    Solivita “Guys and Dolls”

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