Bobbi Mastrangelo Featured in WUFC-TV Artisode #108 0n Nov. 21, 2013

Catch a new weekly local arts series featuring every genre of art in Central Florida and across the Nation. “WUCF Artisodes”

Artisodes is aired weekly on Thursdays at 8:00 PM on WUCF-TV in Central Florida.  Previous Artisodes, 101 – 105 can be viewed on You Tube.

Posted in the WUCF- TV  Artisode Schedule:  “November 21, 2013, Bobbi Mastrangelo of Poinciana Florida  gives a look at her “grate works” art which recreates manhole covers and sewer drains.

Early in August, Tricia Connelly, The Video Content Producer for WUCF-TV contacted me about producing a segment on my art for their new Artisodes Series.  She discovered my art work on Florida Artists Registry and thought that manhole art would be a captivating subject.

On August 30th, Brian Hirten and his Administrative Assistant, Chris La Forgia spent three hours here at my studio and home interviewing me and video-taping my art work. Then Brian had the challenge of creatively editing the images and information into an Artisode Segment of three to five minutes.  I did not see the final results until Thursday, November 21st at 8:00 PM.

Brian Hirten of WUCF-TV  video-taping Bobbi Mastrangelo

 My husband, Al and I  watched every weekly Artisode since its inception and were thoroughly entertained. The Shows, lasting a half hour or less, feature one art form from Central Florida plus three or four little features from across the nation.  Some of my favorites include storyboard Artist Mark Simon,  equine sculptor Mindy Colton, papermaking and a band music composer.  The Halloween Special was perfectly themed with bone sculptor Linda Brandt, monster sculptures, special effects make-up artist Kelly Zak and The Dia de los Muertos Celebration in Nevada.

 On November 21, 2013 my “Grate works of Art” were aired on WUCF-TV Artisodes #108

Al and I thought that Brian did some very creative editing and we enjoyed the episode very much. 

I welcome your comments about my Artisode # 108 as well as other segments that you have enjoyed!  Cheers!

Post Script: this Artisode has “Reruns.” Friends saw me on TV on various dates. Here are their comments :

24 Responses to “Bobbi Mastrangelo Featured in WUFC-TV Artisode #108 0n Nov. 21, 2013”

  1. Tricia Connelly, Video Content Specialist for WUCF TV Says:

    Hello Bobbi!

    My name is Tricia Connelly and I produce a weekly show Artisodes for WUCF TV, Central Florida’s PBS Station. The show premieres the first week in October and each episode will be compiled of about 5 4-minute segments. I was wondering if you would be interested in allowing me to produce a segment on you and your creations. Also, I would potentially like to show your process in creating a new work of art.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing back from you,

    — Tricia Connelly —

    Video Content Specialist
    Office: (407) 823-4178
    Email: [email protected]

  2. Beth Giacummo Says:

    Hi Bobbi,
    Great to connect! Congrats on the WUCF-TV coverage!
    I can’t wait to see it.

    Artist/ Islip Art Museum Exhibition Director & Senior Curator/ Arts Educator / NYFA Trained Artist Consultant/

  3. Ellen Gordon Says:

    Dear Miss (WOW/MOM and YES) Bobbi,
    In honor or your upcoming TV Interview, Roger and I are reminding you that we are supporting you with “good” Thoughts during the videotaping on Friday, August 30th. Looking forward to seeing you on the Big Screen.
    Your “Novel Group” Book Buddy

  4. Bobbi Mastrangelo regarding Ellen Gordon's comment Says:

    Dear Viewers,
    Ellen’s message was actually in a lovely Lyric Theatre note card accompanied by an IMAGINE paper weight, but I thought I would share it.

    The titles refer to word decorations on my shoes. MOM read upside down is WOW and YES refers to “I Can” our Positive Thinking Slogan.

    Aren’t we fortunate when friends support us through our challenges?

  5. Jeffrey Shonkwiler Says:

    I am so happy to hear this. It is wonderful for you and great for the arts community that WUCF is doing this series. It bodes well for Artists Registry that they are finding artists of interest through our Web site. This is what it was designed to do, and it is gratifying to learn that it is working. Keep me posted on this. I want to see it when I can.
    Jeffrey Shonkwiler

  6. Melody Dodie Says:

    Hi Bobbi,
    “Congrats to our very own “Man Hole Artist,” Bobbi Mastrangelo. So happy and proud for you!
    Melody Dodie
    Poinciana Pros

  7. Greta Corens Says:

    Bobbi, I hope you will post the news once it appears on YouTube.
    What a complex form of art this is! Admirable. With results up to the nines!

  8. Kathy Wheeler Says:

    Congratulations! It is finally here. You deserve all the recognition you could get
    So Proud of being your friend.
    Kathy & Mel Wheeler

  9. Nick Bingham Says:

    Congratulations!!! It’s grate to see your work.
    Nick Bingham, Sculptor

  10. Artist Sheila Says:

    Hi Bobbi,
    I saw your program on PBS this evening. It was very good and I enjoyed watching it. Your work looks so genuine and rich.
    Sheila of Solivita Artisans Guild

  11. Terry Roderick of SoundBurst Quartet Says:

    GRATE presentation and interview last night of your wonderful talent. You are to be commended for your unique works of art and the time and effort you put into your projects. It is good that you are getting the recognition that you deserve! We feel blessed to know and live near such a talented person. Congratulations!
    Terry and Dee

  12. Matthew Hoffman Says:

    Your Artisode episode was awesome, Bobbi — congratulations!
    Matthew Hoffman,
    President of Solivita Artisan’s Guild
    Collage Artist

  13. Trish Haygood Says:

    Bravo, Bobbi!
    Trish Hagood
    Oxbridge Communications, Inc.

  14. Janet Hannaway Says:

    Dear Bobbi,
    Saw your TV Presentation and really enjoyed it.
    Your art work showed very well and you were a
    special treat to watch and hear.
    You were just glowing.
    Janet Hannaway

  15. Joyce Jenkins Potts Says:

    I saw the PBS piece on you and have fallen in love with your story and art. It’s great to know we have so many diverse and accomplished people living in Central Florida. I can’t wait to see an exhibit. Your story is unique and I just wanted to connect and say hello. I’ll be watching more of PBS and other info on you. You’re a true inspiration. Where can I sign up to get updates on your shows, exhibits, etc?
    Joyce Jenkins Potts
    President at Southern Appraisal Group, Inc.
    Altamonte Springs FL

  16. Ken Naigus Says:

    Hello Bobbi

    I recently saw the piece on you on Artisodes. Your work looks amazing! I was wondering if I could arrange a visit to your studio sometime? I love the “Reuse” work you displayed and many others as well in the “Sculpture Relief (Small Works)” and “Works on Paper” sections. So I’d be interested to see what’s available and your pricing.

    Thank you!

    Ken Naigus
    Clermont, FL

  17. Kemp Howland Says:

    Your Artisode video segment is ready for prime time on YouTube® at
    Kemp Howland
    I have two new websites: and a revamped
    Also, here is my FLICKR album:
    And, finally, my new community service blog for Osceola County,

  18. Judy Chiappone Says:

    Hi, Bobbi!
    Loved your photo of being photo’d in ‘Reflections’for WUCF-TV Artisodes! You remain such a talented and unstoppable one, so packed with creativity!
    Proud of You,
    Judie C.

  19. Debby Randall Says:

    All the best–and brava on the Artisode piece I saw on YouTube this week!

  20. Chris Malkemes Says:

    Chris Malkemes
    What a wonderful piece. You look beautiful
    and expressed yourself with poise, confidence
    and artfulness. I am proud to know you.
    Chris Malkemes
    Sol Writers of Solivita

  21. Claudine Drew Says:

    Hi Bobbi,
    CONGRATS! I just saw your interview on PBS about five minutes ago on your art.
    I loved it. Good for you.
    Claudine Drew

  22. Audrey Lauer of Solivita Says:

    Hi Bobbi,
    I was so excited to see you on TV tonight. You look great on TV. You are finally getting the recognition you deserve for your art.
    Audrey Lauer

  23. Carole Traster-Wilk Says:

    I looked at your WUCF TV Episode # 108. Here is what I would like to say…
    I am deeply honored to own a piece by Bobbi Mastrangelo. Her genius is evident in everything she produces. The uniqueness of Ms. Mastrangelo’s “Chef D’oeuvres” render them pure gems among a treasure trove of American artistry. Bravo, Bobbi !!

  24. admin Says:

    Hi Bobbi
    I watched the video again.
    You look so vibrant and happy, as always.
    I will always cherish the learning experience I had working along side of you in your studio and out in the field.
    The way I look at manhole covers has never been the same since. And that’s a good thing.
    Thinking of you and hope we can chat sometime.
    Helen Anne Gately
    August 4, 2015

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