Bobbi Mastrangelo and Manhattan Arts Artists

Manhattan Arts International Online Gallery features artists who have met high standards of excellence in their style and medium. In 2012  my page in their On line Gallery contained six of my “Water Works” theme with a focus on conservation and protection of this precious resource.

“Square Route of Water”

Bobbi Mastrangelo: The Square Route of Water   21″ x  21″ x 4″

Believe it or not, the green blobs are melted gum which unfortunately one often finds on sidewalks and streets. “The Square Route of Water” is based on a side walk scene in Riverhead, Long Island NY near The East End Arts Council.

If I could select three of the Manhattan Arts Artists to participate in a joint exhibition I would choose the following three because of their subject matter or textural art: Mary Lou Dauray, Gunilla Lofgren and Maya Malioutina.

Mary Lou Dauray

Mary Lou Dauray, Ice Cave, watercolor, 17″ x 14″.

Can’t you just feel the chill while viewing Mary Lou Daury’s Ice Cave Scene?  She and I share concerns about our waters and environmental protection.

Mary Lou Dauray  painted the watercolor shown here after visiting Iceland in 2008. While she was there, the artist felt the intense raw natural beauty of that land and breathed its fabulously clean air. Inspired, she returned home and painted, in oil and watercolor, a unique and original Icelandic series.

During this creative process, the worrisome realities of melting ice, pollution, and global warming began to affect the direction of all her artwork. Learn more about her art here:

Gunilla Löfgren:  Scenery III
metal leaf, pigment, tempera, and metal thread 9.4″ x 9.4″

Don’t you just love the crusty texture! Textures were what drew me into the realm of sculpture relief art. Entering Gunilla’s art means “discovering an artistic world in which spirit, soul, subconscious and mystery are her guides.” She creates abstract, figurative, symbolic and esoteric compositions that rise from her heart to find their own path.

Several years ago Gunilla discovered the principles of Vedic Art, inspired by Indian philosophy. “Vedic Art is a very joyful way to approach painting. Artists free themselves from the technical and practical aspect. They discover new  possibilities aimed at deeply exploring their creativity.”

Maya Malioutina: X-Roads-White on Grey
mixed media on board, 40″ x 30″ x 2″

Maya and I share some common subjects, but her exposure to the cultures and environments of countries such as Italy, Greece, Russia and Germany warms my heart. My art is on the Russian Web site “Sewers of the World Unite.”

Her work is informed by the close-up discoveries of walls, corners and sidewalks. They represent the hidden mystery and biographies that lie behind and within these textured surfaces.” Maya creates her art in the style of ‘pintura matérica’, in which non artistic materials are incorporated into the paintings.

She brings intuitive form and resonant poetry to her work with integrity and intensity. With degrees in both English and Russian Literature her art reflects both  those interests and her mythopoetic heritage.

23 Responses to “Bobbi Mastrangelo and Manhattan Arts Artists”

  1. Michael at Manhattan Arts Says:

    What an extraordinary tactile quality in your work and quite a competent range!

    And, to be known as the “Grate Artist” — very original.

    Love the Phyllis Braff quote!

    Please find the approval invitation for membership.
    If you have any questions let me know.

    Best wishes,

    Manhattan Arts International

  2. Janice Says:

    Dear Bobbi,
    What a thrill for me to see some truly authentic artwork on Manhattan Arts online gallery. It’s rare I find anything I appreciate.

    I thank you for your mandalas of sewer covers which have always interested me as well.

    My name is: Janice Prendergast

    keep on creating lending a voice

  3. Renee Phillips Says:

    My heart is singing! Bobbi, this is the kind of artist to artist support I try to encourage among the members of the Manhattan Arts online gallery. Thank you so much for your spirit of generosity. I hope more artists will follow your lead. Much appreciation, Renee

  4. Mary Lou Daurey Says:

    Hello Bobbi:
    Last night I uploaded onto my blog the work I am doing for the show in LA

    I am going to follow your blog now.
    Your great grates are wonderful!

    Thank you for your good words,
    Mary Lou Daurey
    Manhattan Arts artist

  5. Author Fr. Joe Girzone Says:

    Wow! They are beautfiul, Bobbi, and I am so happy for you and so proud that you have such wonderful acceptance. It’s just the beginning, as I am sure there is much more to come.


    Fr. Joe Girzone
    Author of the “Joshua” series

  6. Susan G. Hammond Says:

    Fabulous Bobbi – Good for you. Love your work.

    Susan G. Hammond
    Executive Director, N.A.W.A.
    National Assoc. of Women Artists

  7. Chris Malkemes Says:

    You not only have a talent for such lovely art you have the heart to appreciate it in others. That is a pure gift.

  8. Selene Hawkins Says:

    Dear Bobbi,
    Congratulations on all your fabulous achievements.
    I am so very proud of you. I love Your latest gratework
    sewer etc. paintings.
    I often think of our days in St James. The fun we had
    in the choir, the church float rolling down main street in
    the parade and my once a week painting in your
    home and you showing me your new skirt with the
    sewer grate on it.
    I still make your fruitcake receipe every year and everyone loves it.
    I loved all the pictures on Manhattan Arts. They were so diversified.
    Give Al a big hug from me.
    Oceans of love,
    Singing, Dancing- Zest for Life Senior

  9. Mark Weber Says:

    Hi Bobbi,
    Mark in Buffalo here; I love that you’re associated with Manhattan Arts Int’l; that makes it good to put on my NYC site:

    -Mark the Musician

    Mark Weber ART MUSIC BOOKS

  10. Helene Leonardi Says:

    Hi Bobbi–
    Thank you for sending me your website and Manhattan Arts web site with Renee Phillips. Your work stands out on the website, everything looks wonderful.
    Bill and I have websites with zhibit.
    Our websites are:
    We hope Al is still singing in his barbershiop quartet.
    Enjoy the warm weather, we’ve had the coldest stretch in 17 years. So stay warm and be in touch—————-Bill and Helene Leonardi
    W.And H. Leonardi & Co.

  11. Margery Weldy Says:

    Bobbi –

    Congratulations on your latest professional accomplishment, inclusion in the Manhatten Arts Online Gallery. Its “great” to know that your grates will be receiving wider exposure.

    I enjoyed reading your comments below the guest artist postings, and I definitely felt a chill when I looked at the Iceland painting. We are going to Iceland in May…I will be sure to pack my wool clothes! I must admit the first second I viewed Grunilla Lofgren’s work my reaction was, “a close-up perspective of a molasses cookie at the moment it comes hot from the oven and you sprinkle powdered sugar on it”….well, can you tell I had not eaten my breakfast at the time I was viewing it?

    Best wishes to you for a creative 2013!
    Marge Weldy
    Solivita Book Circle Friend

  12. Bonnie Byrnes Says:

    OK, Bobbi, did you have anything to do with the manhole stealing in Haines City? Only kidding – that was something, eh?
    Bonnie Byrnes,
    Solivita Book Circle

  13. The Manhole Artist Says:

    Dear Bonnie,
    No, I did not steal those manhole covers.
    They did catch the culprit.

    However I did have fun teasing all those who asked me, claiming I was working on my weight lifting skills. If you look at the header of this page you will see me lifting a grate.
    *(I sawed that grate out of wood, even though it looks like heavy metal.)
    “Grate wishes!”
    Bobbi Mastrangelo

  14. Gunilla Löfgren Says:

    Thanks a lot Bobbi!

  15. Shirley Lloyd Says:

    Hi Bobbi,

    Your blog is fantastic! Very informative, interesting and filled with wonderful art! Where do you find the time to put all of that together? Of course, beside the time, you have the wonderful creative talent. Go, Girl!!

    Shirley Lloyd,
    Your Cousin

  16. Gaia Orion Says:

    That’s a great initiative Bobbi! I just started a blog and will definitely highlight some of the Manhattan artists in it this year. Congratulations on your work, your presentation and your writings.
    Gaia Orion (blog in english) (blog en français)

  17. Marilyn Abt Says:

    Hi Bobbi!!!

    What a nice plug for you and your art!!! This should do something in getting your talent around and I hope that it does that for you! Did you just come across this site by accident or was it sent to you? I am pleased for you!
    Best to you and Al!


  18. Greta Corens Says:


    Thank you for familiarizing me with your initiatives and including me.
    The high quality choice of artists above enhances and reinforces your message. Your down to earth art form is highly appealing and carries an important and timely message.

    I posted your website link on my FaceBook site. Hopefully it will garner plenty of interest, because it is so up-to-date, modern and graphic: Such wonderful imagery, and what a great theme. A symphony of Grates.

    I would love to include you and your selection of artists in the art page sponsorship program of my website:

    Greta Corens

  19. Angelo Mastrangelo Says:

    Bobbi, I looked at your work that was on Manhattan Arts and it is really good…Bobbi…Congratulations on being selected for being excellent in your work. We always knew this so it is not a surprise. I was blown away by the Phyllis Braff, the “New York Times” art critics remarks about you and your work. She is right on target when she says that your work “elevates” the grates and I would add it “elevates” the people that enjoy it. You have to feel proud that college students select and write about you and the “New York Times” critic is aware of you to the point of writing a review. Wow!…Angelo
    Your Brother-in-law

  20. William R. Beebe Says:

    Great blog Bobbi! I too am delighted to be included in the Manhattan Arts International online exhibition. All top quality artists and great diversity! Congrats on being a part of this wonderful exhibition and all the best to you.
    Nostalgic Landscape Artist

  21. To William R. Beebe, Bobbi Mastrangelo, Says:

    Hi Bill,
    I hope the viewers take time to view your art on line.
    They will be charmed by your lovely landscapes.
    “Grate Wishes!
    From the Manhole Artist

  22. Katalin Luczay Says:

    I love your blog. I am still learning how to do it, but I will try. Great way to promote each other.
    Thanks and good luck
    Katalin Luczay
    Manhattan art international artist

  23. susan raff Says:

    Bobbi, I was just browsing your site..and I never knew that you started C.L.E.A.N.
    What a “grate” view you have while you are down there “grating”..
    There is so much to review on your blog. I am enjoying it..
    Susan..your apprentice..
    And Book Buddy from “The Novel Group

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