Nine Eleven Memorial Tribute in 2011


Curated by Bobbi Mastrangelo & Posted by Cheryl Wilson

Waiting, Hoping Angels

Memorials Poems, Music, Artifacts


Operation Iraqi Freedom

Ground Zero Memorial 2011 Photos.

"Soaring Spirits at Ground Zero"
9/11/01 View from Brooklyn Bridge
"Absolute Zero Tuesday"

“Soaring Spirits
at Ground Zero”
Oil on Canvas
5′ x 6′  2002
June Long
-Schuman NY

Burning Towers
View from Brooklyn Bridge


“Absolute Zero
Oil on Canvas
36″ x 48″ 2002
Rubel NY NY

"New Yernika"

 “New Yernika”
Oil on Canvas
3.88 x 1.75 Meters
SAGO Santiago Olivieri  Acuña   Argentina

President George Bush

President George Bush
and Fireman
at Ground Zero

Ground Work for 9 /11 Memorial
The Cross was Saved
Worker at The WTC Memorial Site
Ground Work
9 /11 Memorial
The Cross was Saved
Ground Zero Relic
at The WTC
Memorial Site
"Search and Rescue"
"Momentary Pause"
"Faces of Courage"
“Search and Rescue”
Search Dog
Debra Torsch Dir.
with partner Abby

“Momentary Pause”
Pastel on Paper
5′ x 4′
Yelena Klairmont IL


“Faces of Courage”

Oil 30″ x 40″

Marion Mc Grath RI

"The Rescue"
 “The Rescue”
Oil Painting
24 x 36
Bronna A. Butler NJ
" The Healing Towers"


(Poem 9/11/01)

Digital Image

(2010 8.5″ x 11″)

Carmen M. Castle PA


” The Healing Towers”

Oil on Canvas

30″ x 30″ 2005

Robin Lisi  Toronto Canada



Oil on Canvas

72 x 48

Katie Danahy Samuelson CT



Peace and Hope
” Peace and Hope”
Painting 12 x 16″
Oil on Canvas
Marv Rodgers FL
“Never Forgotten”
Diana and Ron Chin NY
“Carried by Angels”
Layered Pastel
16″ x 20″
Judie Pufpaff
Art Society

The National September 11
”Thank you Soldiers”
Third Grade Chorus
Tussing Elem VA
Michael & Angela Souders
” The National September 11
Memorial and Museum”
Yahoo News & Video
”Life Goes On”
written & sung by
Helene Matalon
New York City
'Don't Go Soft on Terrorism'
"Never Forget"
“Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism”Sculpture27” dia. x 4”Bobbi Mastrangelo FLWebsite

“Never Forget”
Slide Show by Denis
Many Scenes of 9/11
Amazing Grace with Bag Pipes (Click for each image)

“God Bless the USA”
Proud to be an American)
Song Writer
& Singer
Lee Greenwood CA

"Union Square Memorial 1"


“Union Square Memorial 1”
Oil on Canvas
24″ x 36″

Sharon Florin NY



Woodcut Frank Abong FL

(Summer 2002)
Mehrdad Vaghefi AL


Fire Fighter WTC FDNY
The Freedom Rock

“Meet Me in the Stairwell”


Fire Fighter WTC FDNY
Steel 8.5 feet tall 3 tons
Hand crafted (17 months)
Felix D.Gonzalez FL

“The Freedom Rock”
Painted Rock
1199 Iowa 25
Bubba Sorensen IA
"9 -11 We Remember"
“9 -11 We Remember”Joseph Fink
Joseph Fink
Joseph Fink
"Reflecting Absence" 
“Reflecting Absence”
Competition Design
Michael Arad 2003
World Trade Center
Site Memorial Competition
Pools: Foot Prints of the Twin Towers
Aerial View Memorial Grounds
Pools:” Foot Prints of the Twin Towers”
Names of the Deceased Carved in Perimeters
Michael Arad 2003
Aerial View Memorial Grounds
Landscape Architect
Peter Walker
Raising the Flag at Ground Zero
Painting 24” x 36”
Mixed Media on Canvas
Anesti Zakos NY

“FDNY Ground
Zero Spirit”
Bergen Record, NJ
Thomas E. Franklin NJ
Raising the Flag
at Ground Zero

“Twin Brothers
The Prophecy”

Stella White FL
“Torn ”
3-3/4″ x 5-3/8
Matthew Hoffman FL
“In Memoriam”
Digital Art
G. Tom Gibson

Rhoda Schwartz
Herman Velez
(See Comment)
Peace Dave Dionisi
"Paix (Peace)"

Rainbow Peace Button

Dave Dionisi
“Paix (Peace)”Pablo Picassso 1949
“Peace”Rainbow Peace Button

"Don't Go Soft on Terrorism"

Bobbi Mastrangelo Reading
“A sculpture called “Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism”
Sol Writers’ Coffee House
March 20, 2011
The Palms at Solivita, Poinciana FL
(11mg wait to stream)

49 Responses to “Nine Eleven Memorial Tribute in 2011”

  1. Sculptor Felix Gonzales Says:

    Shortly after my retirement from the fire service –28 years as a firefighter I began a different career as a sculptor. My work has taken me through the use of a variety of media and finally settling on steel works which is my specialty.

    The terrible tragedy of 911 hit close to my heart so that when the City of Pembroke Pines Fl commissioned me in 2006 to build a Memorial I designed a series of steel sculptures to capture the events of that day.
    Beginning with two large abstract towers, then to a firefighter weighing 3 tons fully outfitted with all firefighting gear and a stainless steel shield with the number 343, the number of firefighters that died that day.
    The 3rd sculpture of a little girl climbing out of the rubble ,followed by two more figures under construction with the unveiling and installation on the 10 th anniversary of Sept.11,2011

  2. Anesti Zakos Says:

    The Towers image is from a painting I did in 2000.
    The mediums I used are oil, conte, latex, gesso, soft etching ground on canvas. Other work can be seen at
    Thanks for your time.
    I appreciate the post.
    Anesti Zakos
    [email protected]
    Facebook: Anesti Zakos (FineArt)
    Twitter: anestizakosart

  3. Marv Rodgers Says:


    This is a painting that painted from a picture I took when I was holding my grandson when he was one. I have been told by others that it reminded them of Peace and Hope. I am sending it to you to see what you think.
    Marv Rodgers
    Title: Peace and Hope
    Media- Oil on Canvas
    Polk County, Poinciana, Fl 34759
    [email protected]
    Artist: Marvin Rodgers (Marv’s Art)
    How inspiring Marv!

  4. Frank Abong Says:

    Yes, I would like to join the tribute.
    By the way, I love your quote:
    “Music Heals a Wounded Heart.”
    You just explained to me what I have
    been doing all these years with my music.
    Musically yours,
    Frank Abong

  5. Frank Abong Says:

    “911 Day Of Goodbyes”

    I was living in New Jersey on 911 and fortunately didn’t lose anybody to the events of that day. I am a musician and as an american I was profoundly affected by the innocence lost that day. As a result of what I witnessed I composed this music to convey my emotions (sorrow) and what my heart felt that day. The name of the piece is “911 Day of Goodbyes” and was written in memory of those lost on that day.
    Frank Abong
    PS The art work is actually untitled.

  6. Stella White Says:

    Hi Bobbi:
    I enjoy your e-news and thank you for producing this honorarium.
    Attached is an image for your consideration.
    Many good blessings,
    Stella White
    National Association
    of Women Artists, FL Chapt.

  7. Bobbi Mastrangelo "About Life Goes On" Says:

    “Life Goes On”
    is a beautiful poignant song.
    “What can you save when a loved one disappears,
    It’s almost as if I can’t cry anymore tears.”
    It is tear provoking, but soothing at the same time.
    Take a moment to listen to Helene Matalon’s
    lovely voice and lyrics.

  8. Herman Velez Says:

    This Photo of the helicopter with the Twin Towers
    in the background was taken in the fall-winter of 1995
    while flying in a funerals “Fly-by” to honor a fallen
    NYC Police Officer.
    We were in a formation with Nassau County Aviation
    and were orbiting near the Brooklyn Navy Yard
    while waiting for a signal to proceed to the
    Church location in Brooklyn.
    On one of the turns, I snapped this shot
    capturing Nassau Aviation ship 7 and
    NYPD Aviation unit ship 9. I was
    left seat in a Bell 412 at the right rear
    of the formation.
    Original photo was a 4×6 print from a film negative.
    Off course, the background shows how
    I will always remember the World Trade Center.
    Herman Velez

  9. Rhoda Schwartz about G. Tom Gibson's Rainbow Image Says:

    We are originally from N. J. and many of my clients worked in N. Y. around the World Trade Center. Some were lost in the chaos of the downed buildings. My friend’s husband was very touched by the event and did this wonderful tribute on the computer.
    My partner’s husband worked across the street from the buildings and watched in horror as people jumped to their deaths. He walked out of the area to his home covered in the dust and dirt left from the buildings demise. It took him all day and his family and friends did not know until quite late in the day that he had indeed survived.
    I worked some days in N.Y. I made myself go in on the day after. I didn’t want the terrorists to win and scare me away. It was a horrible feeling seeing the city so quiet. The dust hung in the air, but people were out as New Yorkers would do.
    I will never forget the feelings that ran through my body those two days, and many more after as I saw the bulletin boards filled with pictures of loved ones who couldn’t be found and the general malaise of the City.
    Not since President Kennedy’s assasination had I seen the city so quiet. I hope you appreciate the work that went into this tribute by Tom Gibson. Rhoda Schwartz=

  10. Matthew Hoffman of "Torn" Says:

    Thank you for the complement, Bobbi, and thanks as well for thinking of this wonderful collection. I will add a comment to the page shortly.

    Matthew Hoffman

  11. Bobbi Mastrangelo Says:

    I am proud to know you as President of our Solivita Artisans’s Guild
    and delighted to have your collage “Torn” on my Nine 11 Memorial Blog.
    Think about posting your collage on the National 911 Memorial Registry.
    “Grate Wishes!”
    Bobbi Mastrangelo

  12. Matthew Hoffman, commenting on "Torn" Says:

    The airwaves, print media, and blogosphere will be filled over the next couple of weeks with recollections of the last time we saw the Twin Towers — flame and black smoke billowing from gaping wounds on the upper floors, bodies and debris falling from blown-out windows, unimaginable clouds of dust filling the streets of lower Manhattan. But what I remember most is not the last time I saw the Twin Towers, but the first time.

    In March of 1971, my college choir was participating in a music event at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center. At that time, the North Tower was completed and had begun occupancy, but the South Tower was still under construction. Following the concert, I was in the lobby engrossed in conversation with someone from another choir and suddenly looked around to discover that no one from my choir was there — the bus back to our New Jersey campus had left without me. However, one of my professors was still there, and I approached him and his wife, expressing the hope that I could hitch a ride back with them. Certainly, they replied, but they were going to a party first, so I would have to come along to that.

    I have no recollection of specifically where this party was, but it must have been in Brooklyn, as the trip home took us straight past the WTC construction site on the way to the Holland Tunnel, and what an astounding sight it was. Before that day, I was barely aware of the existence of these buildings, but as we drove straight toward what looked like a massive wall beyond comprehension, I literally leaned out of the car window (this was before you were required to wear seatbelts) and looked straight up. I still remember the sight of it, and the overwhelming feeling of pride and amazement that mankind could have created such a thing.

    In the 30 years following, I went through the PATH station on the lower levels countless times, but was only up in the towers twice — once to go to the restaurant, and once in 1976 when I had the opportunity to see the bi-centennial tall ships from someone’s office on the 49th floor. Those long shot views of the towers as captured in movies and television programs will fill our airwaves this week, but those are not my view — my view will always be down on the street, looking straight up in wide-eyed astonishment.

  13. Carnen Castle regarding "Tears" Says:

    Of course you can use my poem “Tears” and image.
    It was meant to share.
    computer created 81/2 x 11
    I, like millions of people, watched in horror at the events of Sept. 11, 2001 as they occurred on my television. The agony of all those people seared my soul. As I meditated and prayed, this poem formed in my mind. I realized that it was a gift from God, to heal the soul, to ease the grief.


    Carmen Castle
    Bath PA

  14. Sago about his piece "New Yernika" Says:

    Thank you for recognizing my work “New Yernika” and spreading
    the word in your community. If there is interest in the work
    contact me.
    A strong embrace from Argentina.
    Sago (Santiago Olivieri Acuna)

  15. Mehrdad Vaghefi of "Remembrance" Says:

    Mehrdad Vaghefi

    St. Paul’s Chapel, -A sanctuary but not a shrine-an 18th-century church just yards away from where building 5 of the World Trade Center stood survived the World Trade Center tragedy and became a shrine of courage. New Yorkers call it The Little Chapel That Stood.
    On the day the twin towers collapsed, windows all over lower Manhattan were smashed. But at St. Paul’s, which has stood since 1766, not a window was cracked.
    Within days of Sept. 11, 2001, the 18th-century church became a sanctuary for ground zero workers, who ate, slept, washed and wept in the chapel where George Washington once prayed.
    Outside, the church’s iron fence became a spontaneous memorial, a grass-roots memorial to the victims of the World Trade Center attack grew from a few remembrances on the fence surrounding St. Paul’s Chapel to a cluttered collection of draped tributes and flowers left by mourners.
    The fence and the block were completely shrouded in jerseys, ball caps and signed drop cloths. -Objects don’t speak, but they enable you to remember –

  16. Bronna A. Butler %"The Rescue" Says:

    Dear Bobbi,

    You have my permission to put “The Rescue” on your memorial blog. I do not have a website. You could link it to the [email protected]. I like your work a lot. Aso, I share your reverence for water which is evident in your poetry. I was shopping in a hardware store yesterday. After looking at the paint, solvents, bug sprays, cleaners, rodent poisons, fertilizers, etc., I thought, “We are poisoning ourselves and the rest of life on this planet.” I hope that your work continues to call attention to this issue.

    Blessings to you as well,

    Bronna A. Butler

  17. Diana Chin about "Never Forgotten" Says:

    Hi Bobbi,

    Thank you very much for including our painting
    “Never Forgotten” on your memorial website 🙂
    We will let our family and friends know about it!

    God Bless and have a safe Labor Day!

    Ron and Diana Chin

  18. Robin Lisi :"The Healing Towers" Says:

    Hello Bobbi,
    Thank you so much for contacting me…and I think you’re right that we are kindred spirits.

    Your email also let me know that my work has now been included on the National Sept 11 Memorial Museum website – so that was “grate” news!!! 😉

    Anyway, before I contacted you I wanted to check out your blog and was totally taken by surprise at your specialty! Cool! I had no idea that this type of art existed…so now, when I go for a walk in town I’ll be looking at the ground, inspecting all the manhole covers! If I see anything interesting I’ll send it your way.

    I also checked out your 911 blog, saw the
    other works of art there, and I am delighted that you will include THE

    Stay in touch, and all my thoughts and prayers will be with all my family
    and friends south of the border as you grieve the 10th anniversary of 911 on Sunday. I’ll also be thinking a lot about Bobby…a truly tragic loss for

    Take care,
    Robin Lisi (Toronto Canada)

  19. Carolyn Edlund Says:

    This Memorial Site looks great, Bobbi!
    I shared it on Twitter with my followers,
    and will post it to Facebook as well.

  20. Shirley Lloyd Says:

    My goosebumps and tears continue as I write this email. The memorial tribute has captured all of the emotions of that tragic day. You have done a monumental job in putting together this inspirational tribute–which should be included on television for more of the world to see and hear. The reading was heartwrenching as we could visualize each thought that you presented.
    I am sending this to all of my friends (and relatives) as I want to share this with everyone!

    Thanks for letting me be your admiring cousin!!!

    Shirley FL

  21. Joyce Neuendorf Says:

    Dear Bobbi:
    Love your “Don’t go Soft on Terrorism”

    How are you both?
    I think of you lots.

  22. Sago creator of "New Yernika" Says:

    Thanks Bobbi
    I just posted in sago artista plastico in facebook the link to your site!
    You are form NYC?
    Maybe you can help me in my intention of donate the
    “New Yernika” piece to NYC Community.
    Good Luck!
    Sago (Santiago Olivieri Acuna)

  23. Gloria Muci of Solivita Says:

    Thanks so much for sending these visual reminders. This week we have been remembering those we know who were close but not involved and one interesting story not seen published. Our niece’s best friend’s husband was kidnapped in Venezuela, held captive for months in the jungle and when he was rescued he knew nothing about Sept. 11, and was told his own cousin was lost in one of the towers. What pain!

    Gloria Muci

  24. Grace Fishenfeld Says:

    How thoughtful and important.

    Grace Fishenfeld
    National Asociation of Women Artists

  25. Katie Samuelson of "Waiting" Says:

    Dear Bobbi,

    Thank you for including my artwork.
    Your blog is great –

    My best,

    Katie Samuelson CT

  26. Robena Ringeisen Says:

    Seriously! My spouse and I can not believe it’s already already been 10 years since the Sept. eleventh assaults. Tragic time inside American heritage that we all shouldn’t ignore.

  27. Seth Yates Says:

    I’m a really big fan of this site. Hope you keep updating on it. Have a good week. 😀

  28. Marilyn Abt about the Out Standing Memorial Says:

    Good Morning, Bobbi,

    This is a unique tribute to 9-11. Each of the works are moving
    and they are a remembrance of a very sad day in America.
    I wonder how you came up with this idea? It is a grand idea.

    So Bravo to you, Bobbi. It is your originality that once again
    creates an inspiring work!

    This memorial must have taken hours of your time.
    You must be proud!!!

    Marilyn Abt
    Your former neighbor
    from Port Jefferson, NY

  29. Mark Mc Auley Says:

    Hi Bobbi,
    A friend of mine who is a retired NYPD officer and myself
    toured your blog and website. It’s really great.
    We really enjoyed your work.
    Mark Mc Auley

  30. Ange Mastrangelo Says:

    National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center
    I checked it today and your work is there under M.
    This is really neat, congratulations.
    Your brother-in-law
    Professor at Binghamton University School of Management.

  31. Kathy Glascott Says:

    Hello Readers of Grate Thoughts,

    My friend, Bobbi Mastrangelo has assembled a touching and fabulous tribute to 9-11 on her blog. It is filled with music, art and slide shows. I hope that you will take some time to visit it. Bobbi is a highly respected artist and writer and a Solivita resident.

    Her web site is or her

    Kathy Glascott, Author
    Member of Sol Writers

  32. Emmitt Seifert Says:

    This is why I love reading your web site. You’ve a awesome way of writing.

  33. Tia Skura Says:

    Hi Bobbi,
    Thank you for this, and all those who contributed their art- real and in the moment of the truth they feel.
    It is a hole within so tremendous, unbelieveable that it can possibly exist. I think people are still in Post Traumatic Stress over this and the aftermath to this day.
    Jane sent me a video on the flotilla that day where one half a million people were evacuated off lower Manhatten . It was not until watching it that I realized how deeply affected I still am.
    Yet there were rays of hope and healing seeing the true beauty of the human spirit at work.
    Will forward. Love to You!
    Tia Skura
    Your Friend, Art Collector
    and Dress Designer
    St. James, NY USA

  34. Tia Skura Says:

    I am so proud of your web site and for
    bringing so many people together.
    I love your “Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism”
    and “Iraqi Freedom” the best.

  35. Roseline Collins Says:


    Since the original grate is not able to talk about that sad day, you’ve reflected what it witnessed by your skillfully done replication of an iron grate. “Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism” encapsulates the true picture of the occurrence and is a tribute also to our brave patriots in what had to follow “in the sand”.

    This sculpture is deserving of much praise!


  36. Claire Young Says:

    What a grate contribution! We (Buffalo Betschen’s & families) are very proud of you! We are so fortunate to have such beautiful talent in our family!
    Love you!
    Your Youngest Sister,

  37. June Long-Schuman Says:

    Hi Bobbi,
    Thank you so much for posting the mural and my web site.
    June Long-Schuman (former art colleague on Long Island NY)

    “Soaring Spirits at Ground Zero”
    2002 Oil on Canvas 5′ x 6′ (Needs a Permanent Home)

    I began working on this painting a few days after the September 11th tragedy. It was planned to be the center panel of a traveling mural – the surrounding panels were to include the faces of the victims on the background of the American Flag.
    Due to lack of funding and the difficultly of getting signed permission from the families of the victims, the project was put on hold. The painting was shown locally on Long Island for several years.

    I am currently looking for a permanent home for the painting. GiClee prints are available and 20% of the proceeds for the prints will go to the Memorial Museum. (License: All Rights Reserved)

  38. Elizabeth Says:

    Congratulations on owning one of the most extremely professional sites I have come across in some time! Its certainly extraordinary how much you are able to take away from something simply as a result of how visually stunning it truly is. You’ve built an impressive BE blog amazing graphics ,videos, layout. This really is certainly a must view BlogEngine blog! Elizabeth

  39. Karima Lachtane Says:

    I am surprised by the information in this blog I found it to be not just incredibly fascinating but it also made me reflect. It is hard now a days to get relevant information to ones search, so I’m pleased that I found this article post

  40. Nick Rusko Says:

    Vielen Dank für diesen tollen Bericht. Ich werde bald mal wieder vorbeischauen. Ich hoffe auf weitere interessante Infos.
    (Thank you for this great report. I’ll drop by again soon. I hope for more interesting information.)

  41. Kip Almaraz Says:

    Thank you for this blog, it was just what I was looking for. There is so much information here, so I thank you so much for enlightening my mind.

  42. About "Faces of Courage," Marion Mc Grath Says:

    About “Faces of Courage” by Marion Mc Grath

    “When I painted this piece I wanted to dedicate it to all priests, members of law enforcement and firefighters because the men carrying Father Judge are truly representative of that,” said Mrs. McGrath, who has two sons who are policemen. “This painting represents a lot of things, my spirituality, my feelings about the country and the recognition of everyday heroes.”

  43. "Reflecting Absence" Memorial Says:

    “In its powerful, yet simple articulation of the footprints of the Twin Towers, “Reflecting Absence” has made the voids left by the destruction the primary symbols of our loss. It is a memorial that expresses both the incalculable loss of life and its consoling renewal, a place where all of us come together to remember from generation to generation.”

  44. Michael Souders who wrote "Thank You Soldiers".... Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing “Thank You Soldiers.” I love your tribute! If you see fit to add anything, one of our other songs would very specifically fit your tribute, called “There’s a Hero on the Way”. It is a dedication to first responders, and includes 9-11 photos in it.

    Thanks again,
    Michael Souders

  45. In Addition Michael Souders Says:

    Well thank you so much for what you are doing – I am posting the link below for you to check out. We are enjoying some great response from our “Positive American Music”, and I am seeing a real hunger for it in America.

    Thanks again!

    Michael Souders
    Tussing Elementary School Music
    Please visit us and “LIKE” us on Facebook at:!/pages/Positive-American-Music/171507099591160?sk=wall

  46. Mehrdad Vaghefi of "Remembrance" Says:

    Mehrdad Vaghefi

    St. Paul’s Chapel, -A sanctuary but not a shrine-an 18th-century church just yards away from where building 5 of the World Trade Center stood survived the World Trade Center tragedy and became a shrine of courage. New Yorkers call it The Little Chapel That Stood. On the day the twin towers collapsed, windows all over lower Manhattan were smashed. But at St. Paul’s, which has stood since 1766, not a window was cracked. Within days of Sept. 11, 2001, the 18th-century church became a sanctuary for ground zero workers, who ate, slept, washed and wept in the chapel where George Washington once prayed. Outside, the church’s iron fence became a spontaneous memorial, a grass-roots memorial to the victims of the World Trade Center attack grew from a few remembrances on the fence surrounding St. Paul’s Chapel to a cluttered collection of draped tributes and flowers left by mourners. The fence and the block were completely shrouded in jerseys, ball caps and signed drop cloths. -Objects don’t speak, but they enable you to remember –

  47. projektant wnętrz warszawa Says:

    Buona notte!
    Thank you for your stimulating effort.
    Cheers for very interesting concerns especialy in the article Amazing to see this blog that gets the influential inspirations.
    Could you upload the some texts somewhere or drop me an email [email protected]? – That?s be great:)
    I will give your link to Facebook Grate Thoughts » Blog Archive » Nine Eleven Tribute in 2011

    Best regards
    projektant wnętrz warszawa.
    (Interior Design in Warsaw Poland)

  48. Bobbi Mastrangelo Says:

    Dziękuję bardzo (Thank you) for your compliments.
    Please give your name.
    Good Luck with your Interior Design. Powodzenia (Good Luck)
    “Grate wishes!’
    Bobbi Mastrangelo USA

  49. 09.11.11 — "Torn" Collage (The Material Whirl) Says:

    The collage “Torn” was originally created for my artist friend Bobbi Mastrangelo’s blog tribute to 9/11: ARTISTS’ CONTRIBUTIONS FOR 9/11/2011 TRIBUTE.  Look in the comments section for my recollection of the first time I ever saw the Twin […]

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