Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “Plastics Under Cover,” “Grate Works of Art” on exhibit at Orlando History Center Jan. 4 – April 23, 2017

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

“Plastics Under Cover” “Grate Works of Art” my current exhibit has “Un Covered” new and exciting challenges. In a regular museum or gallery, labels only present a few details like the title and size of an art work.

But a History Museum, like Orlando’s Orange County Regional History Center, wants to “Un Cover” all the details. so many of the pieces are accompanied by text and photos showing the creation process.

City of Orlando and the Square Route of Water

“City of Orlando”  its creation details and “The Square Route of Water”

So many transactions, e-mails and phone calls were involved in providing details about the art, that I was able to meet and appreciate the talented staff at OCRHC: Pam Schwartz, Curator of Exhibitions, Emilie Arnold, her Assistant and Whitney Broadaway, Collections Registrar.

"Water Works" Being Installed by Whitney Broadaway

“Water Works” Being Installed by Whitney Broadaway

Here is a communication from Emilie Arnold in March of 2016: “Right now, we’re tentatively planning an environmentally-focused local art exhibit to coincide with “Plastics Unwrapped.” This is a traveling exhibit out of the Burke Museum in Seattle that discusses the history and application of plastic materials and also their impacts on the environment.

“Plastics Unwrapped” runs from February 4 – April 23, 2017, so it’s still a year away, but we believe your work may fit in, and we really love that you have at least a few possible Orlando-focused works in hand.

We enjoyed watching “City of Orlando” highlighted in the UCF Artisode. Could you tell me more about “FDOT, Do Not Pollute” and “The City Beautiful”—even send photos if you have them?”


"Don't Go Soft on Terrorism," "FDOT", "Con Edison" (on the pedestal)

“Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism,” “FDOT,” “Con Edison” (on the pedestal)

"Grate Logo" by Cindy Merithew

“Grate Logo” by Cindy Merithew above Bobbi Mastrangelo’s bio

I enjoyed seeing my art at the History Center and experiencing the featured Visiting Exhibition: “Plastics Unwrapped” from Seattle’s Burke Museum at the opening on February 4, 2017.  If you get to see the exhibits, please share your comments.

Orange County Regional History Center Orlando FL

Orange County Regional History Center

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s”Plastics Under Cover” “Grate works of Art” January – April 23, 2017

“Plastics Unwrapped” Visiting Exhibition February 4, – April 23, 2017

Orange County Regional History Center

65 E. Central Blvd.

 Orlando FL 32801

Phone: 407-836-8500

Magnificent Manhole Art:

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

Dwight Pritchett was featured in Michelle Ward’s Blog:October Manhole Madness. I found a Kindred Spirit.

The city of Pittsburgh supplies Dwight with a rich abundance of history and inspiration when he rides his bicycle over it’s streets and sidewalks. Dwight has enjoyed working on a project that he calls Manhole Art. These functional pieces of metal were designed as practical windows into the earth below our man made world. Dwight Pritchett creates contemporary art from the graphically and historically interesting manholes that we walk over everyday.

Street-Art by Dwight Pritchett

Street-Art by Dwight Pritchett

Dwight was born in Wilkinsburg, PA and lived in various other locations until he ended up back in Pittsburgh pursuing a degree at the Art Institute. He worked as an airbrush artist at several studios until he started his own business (Pritchett Studio) Along with his wife Bonnie, the studio has successfully evolved into an award-winning digital photo-illustrating business. Their talented daughter, Mollie has recorded his art with impressive photographs.

Dwight Pritchett 2012

Dwight Pritchett 2012

These functional pieces of metal were designed as practical windows into the earth below our man made world. Dwight creates contemporary art from these graphically and historically interesting manholes that we walk over everyday. Dwight refers to his rubbings as “lifts” Dwight makes the impression of a cover with conte crayon on canvas then returns to his studio to complete the piece.

Before and After

Before and After

Dwight says he takes inspiration from the lighting, surrounding color and environment to finish the composition.  Some of his titles tell you exactly what time he was on the streets.

Pritchett the sister Bridges at 6:00 AM

Dwight Pritchett: The Sister Bridges at 6:00 AM

He is able to duplicate the actual size and design a manhole cover on canvas. With the magic of color and shading, he turns them into a piece of art to hang in a home or office. The oldest cover he did is on the North Side of Pittsburg dated 1845. Dwight feels that his art has something to offer guests visiting our city and to inspire people who live in Pittsburg. Street Art Street Art

Examine his Street Art above and notice the hidden figure hovering over the covers. : your comments here and on his website or Facebook page. Visit Dwight’s web site or Facebook Page:

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