“Summer in the City” Exhibition

Monday July 9 – Wednesday August 15,  2007
“Summer in the City” Exhibition
Artwork from Florida Chapter of the National Association of Women Artists

Water Form Sculptures

Deep Water
Falling Water

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The Art Reception
Tuesday July 17th: 5 – 7PM

NAWA Gallery
80 Fifth Avenue Suite 1405
NYC NY 10011
212 675 1616

2 Responses to ““Summer in the City” Exhibition”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Dear Bobbi
    I did get on your web site and was positively amazed at all you have accomplished!! I can’t imagine the patience it would take to get such perfect and creative work done. I’ve never heard of anyone doing what you are doing, so this is all incredible to me. I really enjoyed browsing through your site.
    You are a very talented person and you have enriched my life.
    Thank you!
    Sharon Kelly (who sat next to you at The Barbershop Harmony Competition in Denver)

  2. Gloria Jackson Says:

    You are not only an artist, but a sensitive person.
    I am proud to know you. Thank you for sharing.
    Your *NPCW Pen Pal (*National Post Card Week)
    Gloria Jackson

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