“Inside/Out” Mastrangelo exhibits Three “Grate Works” at Orlando Museum of Art’s 1st Thursday: 6-9 P.M. May 1, 2014

April 16th, 2014

I already had planned to submit art for  Orlando Museum of Arts’ First Thursday  Exhibition on May 1st.  My “Florida Storm Sewer” sculpture relief definitely fit the chosen theme: “INSIDE/OUT!”

                                                                                                                           “FLORIDA STORM SEWER” 48″ x 29″ x 6″sculpture relief

It features a simulated 24″ diameter manhole cover for the upper sidewalk level which protrudes six inches from the wall.  The lower street level hugs the wall with the environmental message “DO NOT POLLUTE” stenciled on the simulated black asphalt. Peering down from the top, one can view INSIDE to observe the drain below.

“INSIDE 52GA-R” 26″ 15″ x 6″ with mud, roots and stones 

As for the other two pieces, the inspiration came in the strangest forms. After my husband Al finished installing two Hampton Bay Fans in the Lanai, he asked if I could use the foam inserts from the empty boxes. He thought I would cut them up and use them for packing artwork.

But I immediately envisioned the underside of a utility cover viewed from underground. The first foam support evolved into”Inside 52GA-R” taken from the box number.  One can view INSIDE the underground cover and feel the presence of a freshly dug mud hole with  exposed roots and stones.  ”Inside 52GA-R” was perfect for my second entry to OMA’s theme “INSIDE/OUT.”


27″ x 16″ x 6″ Mixed Media Relief with hand-blown glass inserts, foam core, stones, mud, gravel and & interior lighting.

The OUTSIDE of the second fan box would be adapted into what could be called a “Skylight Chimney Cover.” During the Victorian Era there were underground storage areas for all kinds of resources especially coal shutes. But electricity had not yet been invented to light the underground.  Some of the utility covers were embedded with round pieces of glass to allow OUTSIDE  light to shine INSIDE below the sidewalk level.

This piece is back lit. The hidden string of lights secured in the back can be switched on to illuminate the glass.  It is hard to imagine all the stages of creating this piece (watch for a future post). “Victorian Illuminated Cover” was a perfect 3rd entry for “INSIDE/OUT.”

I finished the Victorian piece so close to the deadline that I had to pay the huge Fed Ex Weekend Fee to overnight my photos, application and entry fee.  I  AWAITED THE RESULTS!   EUPHORIA!  All three pieces were accepted for Orlando Museum of Art’s 1st Thursday Exhibition on May 1, 2014.  The Reception is from 6-9 PM.  If you live in the Orlando area or are visiting you are invited to attend.  Please share the news! and Oh! your comments are so appreciated.

For May 1st admisssion and parking information at The Orlando Museum of Art:  http://www.omart.org/programs/1st-thursdays

Creating Florida Storm Sewer relief by Bobbi Mastrangelo

April 14th, 2014

It is so easy to forget how many stages were involved in the creation my sculpture relief works.  The idea of simulating a storm drain whirled in my head for several years.  They are omni present in our Solivita Community, so I was able to take notes, measurements and rubbings.

The Storm Drain Cover is up on the sidewalk level. It is the only aspect of the sculpture that I could create in its actual diameter of two feet wide.  To be continued…

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